Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lost Password

Lost the damn password and couldnt login for a while. Forgot the email address attached to this blog also and the blogger support took like 2 wks to respond to my email. Anyway, finally reset the whole thing and got this blog back up.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Playing party

I set up a new account on party and i've been running pretty good over there. Especially last 2 days, i found the games at my limits (.5/1NL) very beatable so far. I just need to put a fixed stop loss in when i start running bad or take at least 30min break to stop the cold streak. I've had a few very bad days (running bad, playing bad) lately and those days just about wiped out all my previous gains that I've worked so hard for. I know it's such a cliche that everybody talks about it all the time but those bad streaks, swings and variances are inevitable and it's very difficult to implement the stop loss rule at least for someone who's fairly new to this game. I'm thinking of setting a monetary monthly goal or just to set a daily goal to play, say, 1k hands everyday. To me they are almost identical as long as I can bring my A game everytime I sit down. Also set up FullTilt rakeback account but I found the games harder than party and also the traffic is nowhere near the level of Stars or Party. Anyway, here are a bunch of party hands I played last 2 days.
I've been pushing overpairs a lot in a situation like this. Of course, I'll be facing a set very often but I've been trying to be careful and I dont think this is a losing play. Of course, a reraise could be another very good alternative to a push as well to clarify the situation at minimal cost.
Pretty standard party callin' station/fish type.
Ok, this guy stacked me earlier when his KK sucked out on my turning a set against my AA when were all in preflop. The thing is he should have known I had AA, he came raising from the middle, i raised him 3x, he reraised like 2x more and I pushed it all in. Seems kinda standard, but i guess he couldnt lay down his KK. His stats show very tight like 17/6 or something. Anyway, he checkraised me on the flop kinda small/fishy, i just couldnt figure out what he had so i just shoved it over the top and he indeed flopped a set but I rivered my set to even the score.
This was from the 1st day when i ran very good on this table winning almost 6 buyin' on this one table.
I wasnt running particulary well on this table getting sucked out left and right but it felt good to stack some1 in a while. The funny thing is this guy got so mad, he had some terrible things to say. It's not even a bad beat or anything, he had nowhere near the nuts when I had the 2nd nuts. The wheel straits are awesome in a way that it's well hidden.
This guy seemed a decent player, so I didnt mess around i just played my set fast knowing that he had something strong. He went broke with his overpair when i put him all in on the flop.
The same table i ran so well yesterday, stacking people a lot with setmining and also it helped my big pairs held up often enough.
I was behind here on the flop but he slowplayed and i made a quad on the river to stack him.
It was a fun table i was running insanely good and this guy was a little annoyed at how lucky i was. He hung around for a long time and I finally got him this time. Those wheel straights are damn well hidden.
Another set.

Now the losing hands:
The same guy from earlier, he sucked out when his KK beat my AA all in preflop. I liked how he just quit all his tables when I stacked him later on. Definitely a good approach to avoid a tilt. Only I could do that. :-(
This is one big mistake i thought about a long time afterwards. I had no idea where i was in the hand, and shoving it at that point is not hopeless but it's not really a good play. I'll probably need at least QQ to shove in this spot. Folding and reraisng would be a better play but I'll probably gravitate more towards folding. I could call and see what he does on the turn but it's definitely a weak play IMO. I got stacked exactly the same way on stars before too.
Another hand I screwed up. Only if i thought a little while, it would have been clear as day that I couldnt beat squat on the turn. He min raised me on flop and called my very big reraise as well. At that poitn he had to have at least 2 pair or better and all those hands got there on the turn. I had a bad feeling about it on the turn but I just made crying checkcalls and cost myself big bets.
Got my AA cracked 2nd time on this table. Had no idea what he had, couldnt put him on any hands,. didnt even try that hard as he had half buyin so i just played my hand fast and doubled him up. Options are very limited when I face a shortstack like that.
Didnt know what he had, no reads whatsoever since i'm new to party and its players. Turned out he's kinda tight regular there. Probaly I lost min-ish, although I could have pushed him out the pot but that's very unlikely.

Monday, August 21, 2006

1 hour session

I ran pretty hot for an hour i played today. 350$ in 50 mins or so which isnt so bad considering I had a couple of horrible days lately losing roughly 1k. Anyway, played today just about hit all my draws and won bunch of medium sized pots. What's satisfying is I didnt lose even an average pot during the hour. So here are some hands:
Unraised pot, bunch of limpers, hit my top set bet out and got raised min, probably i'm behind but even if i'm behind i still had outs besides the guy had half buyin or so. So we got it all in on the flop and I hit my quad on the turn to wrap things up. Every1 said wow, nice hand etc, only i was behind against his straight on the flop.
I chose to just call and see the flop with my QQ, he flat c-bet, i raised to find out whether he had anything, he reraised min which had me wondering. Only he had a shortstack so I put him all in, and he had just overcards AKo. Luv it.
Another unraised pot with me in the blinds holding small pair and hit my top set on the flop again. I kept betting smallish like half the pot or so, and the guy had top 2 pair and made smaller boat on the river to get stacked. He had shortish stack as well.
I kinda drew out on this guy and he kinda kept berating me for that which is funny coz he bet so small to let me in the hand. Another shortstack fish who likes to teach people how to play.
Another shortstack, I had top pair, the guy seemed weak so i reraised him on the turn and he layed down probably a weaker hand.

Anyway, i think i did well considering i didnt win a single big pot.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A new goal in process

I'm thinking of setting some kind of monthly goal in the near future. I've seen people do it before and I realize it's the best way to motivate yourself and bring out the best in you. Since i play mostly low stakes, my objective would be something modest somewhere in 5k+ area. It has to be achievable and that's the most important part of my plan. It would probably be mostly full ring games (6-8 tables) with a few SnGs thrown in. I watched a few SnG videos, played a few SnGs and I really think SnGs are well suited to my personality and my playing styles which is quite conservative.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rough day

Today was rough. About 3 hours 8 tabling almost 1k hands, i was down huge at one point, but came back to barely up for the day. I'[ll post the hands later but today I played really bad. Just couldnt pay enough attention with so many tables open. Made a few bad decisions, a few pretty good decisions otherwise, I could have had a very good day. I guess, such is the nature of this game.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Pretty good day

Ran pretty good today although it's only like a couple of hours making over 2 buyins. I found out taking a break every 2 hours is a good idea to keep my mind from drifting. It's hard to play well for hours straight anyway. Not many bad beats today lucky for me although i did play extra careful coz i had a bad day following the huge day i had earlier. Anyway, here are some notable hands:
This guy was quite active playing a lot of pots and being very aggressive as he had a big stack as well. I checkraised him on the flop and pretty much committed myself on the turn thinking i'm probably ahead with my top 2 pair. If he had random 8 for trips, well, i was ready to go broke. I made my decision on the turn in case he had some kind of flush draw as well. On the turn when he reraised me i was committed anyway so called it pretty quick.
Some random donk who reraises with JJ preflop. Only I had overpair QQ and we both flopped a set and he got stacked.
Another guy who pushed AKo preflop into my AA.
Nothing special.
I think i played this hand well. He was pretty close to call my push on the river just didnt happen. Oh well, in the hindsight, i guess i should have bet maybe just half his stack or something. Pretty sure he had some kind of overpair.

Here are losing hands:
I've seen people making a similar push like this so i decided to give it a try. I couldnt get there but against people who had a deep stack i might be able to take it down on the flop if not i have a lot of outs.
This guy just couldnt fold any hand, could he? :-(
Another combo draw but this guy moved in first on the turn. Guess, i could have made it potsized on the flop.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A rush

The deck completely hit me in the face today. I guess, some days are like that. I'm up 4 buyins in 90 mins today before i quit. I'm contemplating some sort of trailing stop when i start winning so that i dont lose back my winnings as it's been happening a lot lately. Anyway, here are some hands from today.
No reads whatsoever on this guy, so the minute he reraised my c-bet, i realized i was behind. I put him on a set, straight, or a flush or even a 2 pair. I couldnt move in on this guy, so i just called with my K high flush draw to see if i could suck out on him. He could have shut me out on the turn as it turns out I sucked out on him on the river making a set.
I raised min by an accident in this hand ( i so hate pot limit games, you cant raise what u want in this game). So when he reraised me 2nd time, i knew i was up against aces but i still couldnt lay my kings down. I dont know, it was just a weird feeling as it turned out i flopped a set and sucked out on this guy with my 2 outer.
Like i said the deck hit me in the face today.
I sort of trapped this guy a little only he turned a set and couldnt get away from his hand. When he reraised me on the flop, i put him on 1010, QQ, KK or even AA (although he probably would of reraised pre with those bigger hands)
I didnt know where i stood after flop after i cbet and got called so i just decided to checkcall the rest but he made such an obvious bluff on the river that i called it fairly quickly.
Honestly, i think i made a pretty good laydown here, only that donkey with the big stack had not much but kept calling huge bets like that. I had a fairly tight image and i made a potsized bet but still got called by 2 people so i thought i was facing at least 2 pair or a set. I could have won a sizable side pot from this guy.
This was another tought situation to be in for me today. With so much action in front, my AKs no longer seemed a good hand anymore so i just called to see what the flop to bring. Well, flopped top pair and top kicker but still didnt convince me I have the best hand so i just checked to see what the others do. Haysam here has at least AK if not AA judging by his actions, so i decided to let it go and that was a very good decision as it turns out some1 flopped a set of queens as well. The same donk from the previous hand went broke this time.